Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks review

Hi my lovelies!!
I know.. It's been a while hasn't it?! Well, I was a little tied up with wedding planning & then moving home so excuse my hiatus!! I do promise to get back to some sort of normal(ish) blogging routine ASAP! (Which reminds me.. Would you like to see a blog post about the whole wedding day with photos or is that something that would bore you to no end?! Let me know in the comment section!!)
Hope you have all been well!
This post today is a wee review! I was very kindly sent 2 of the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks to try out a few weeks ago.

I received the colours "Naked" a cream formula and "Menace" a comfort matte formula

I have been putting these lippies through their paces to test the pigmentation, texture & longevity of them. Straight off the bat you can see that pigmentation is no problem with these lipsticks!!! And they are incrediblely creamy, so so comfortable to wear.

Naked is definitely a cream formula- it is a gorgeous pinkey -nude shade...

And then you have Menace! It is what could only describe as a creamy matte.. It's so comfortable!!! And the colour!!! Just wow!!! (Also, I love how they have a little "UD" imprint on the lippie.. Little details :))

These lipsticks are now on sale in Debanhams & retail for €18 with a huge selection of shades!! I have my eye on "Tilt"

Until next post my lovelies
Take care
Sarah xx

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Life update

Hiya folks,
It's been months since I last wrote but this post has been a while coming.. It was just a matter of building myself up to writing it.. I still don't think I have the right words but in this situations I don't there are the "right" words.
A lot has changed in my life since I was last talking to you all on the blog.. And this is why I have been quiet the last few months.
Both my lovely, bubbly mum who was full of laughs & wisdom and my Granny L, full of wit & chat passed away at the end of September last year after loosing their battles with cancer. 
It was a shock loosing my mum, as she had been fighting it since last December & things were looking good. However, cancer has a way of springing things on you & quite rapidly last August things took a turn for the worst. 
My granny was also fighting cancer for the months previous too, but we knew she wouldn't get better so life had been a blur of hospital visits with mum & trying to make gran as comfortable as possible. 
My gran passed away after a long, hard fight on Friday 18th September. During her funeral my mum's body was rapidly closing down due to her cancer taking over & we rushed from my gran's funeral to be beside my mum's hospital bed. She lost her battle Sunday 20th September. 
Life since that has been going through the motions.. Dealing with grief & loss, the change.. The deafening silence with no mum in the house talking the ear of some poor unfortunate on the phone.. and trying to remember that for both of them they are no longer suffering or in pain so they are at peace. 
Myself & Simon are getting married in May & this day will be so bittersweet & an emotional roller coaster but I know that both my grannies & my wee mum will be there in spirit that day.
I will gradually get back to blogging bit I just needed to.. Wanted to.. Had to, put this down on a post.. Until then, love you all & talk soon.

Sarah xx

P.S. Thank you to all who have been & still continue to be rocks of support & love. I will never be able to express in words how much it meant & still means to hear that. 

Monday, 31 August 2015

Charlotte Tilbury X Norman Parkinson Collection- Ageless Beauty

Hi there my lovelies! 
So it's officially Autumn.. Or Fall depending on which side of the Atlantic you are reading this! It's crazy how quickly the year is flying by!
Today I have a thing of elegant beauty in a compact to show you.. The Charlotte Tilbury X Norman Parkinson

From this collection I picked up the powder highlight "Dreamy Glow", the blush "Colour of Youth" & the bronzer/highlight duo "Filmstar Bronze & Glow"

The top company is the Filmstar Bronze & Glow, bottom left is the Dreamy Glow & on the right is the "colour of youth"  Lip & cheek colour.
Aren't the compacts stunning?!

And inside is even more gorgeous..

This is the Dreamh Glow Highlight... It is butter smooth & such a beautiful highlighter to use.

Charlotte called this cream lip & blush colour "Colour of Youth" as it gives a youthful glow & pinch of colour.. It is incredibly pigmented so use carefully!

Above is the blush & highlight swatched!

Finally the limited edition Filmstsr Bronze & glow. Charlotte has a powder version of this in her permanent line of makeup but these are a cream highlight/bronze duo..

And this is the duo swatched.. As you can see the highlight here is less shimmery than the powder compact but I do love a subtle highlight, sometimes shimmer is not your friend!!

There are 2 lipsticks in the collection but they were made part of the permanent line of makeup so I decided to hold off till another time (CT's makeup is not cheap!)
So there you have it!!
These are available to buy from Charlottetilbury.com or might still be available from Brown Thomas!
 Have you tried any of this collection & what did you think of it?

Until next post, take care

Love Sarah xx