Hello hello my loves!

I know, I know... its been a while... way too long in fact & I want to bring you up to date with what has been happening, and to let you all know I will be back blogging more regularly about the things I am liking, loving, hating or just getting up to! I is sorry!!!

So... since my last blog post A LOT has change!!
We are nearly a year married (we will be celebrating our anniversary in Las Vegas on 20th May!!)

The house has nearly been all fully re-decorated to suit our tastes so that was a busy few months.
We have also tidied up the outside of the house & all the fun that entails (fence painting, weeding...more weeding, honestly how DO weeds manage to spread so quickly!). No garden.. yet but we will get there!
While I am on the subject of interiors, would you like to see what we have done with the place? A little off the general subject of this blog but it has been a huge part of my life & still will be as I have a serious soft spot for homeware shopping (not like we need another pretty candle.. or frame!)
Let me know in the comments or tweet me & I will get blogging.

Also, I have been doing a little bit of flower arranging! I don't know if you all know this, but I have always had a huge love for flowers, a love instilled in me from my mum & it gives me peace and joy in my heart doing arrangements and remembering the good times I had with her.
So, I have done 2 weddings since my last post! I have set up an Instagram account specially for my love of flowers & some of my work - you can find it on @sarahssweetstems if you would like a wee look!

And finally, as of 2 weeks ago I have started a new job! So, lots of exciting new changes!!
That is my wee update for now.. I will get back to beauty blogging over the next few days.. with that gorgeous sunshine there is no excuse to not being able to get photos!!

Chat soon my lovelies,
Sarah xx

P.S. I just realised I never shared any wedding chat - is that something you would like to see also?
Let me know!


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