No brow-disaster with Beautiful Brows palette

Hey folks! 
Hope you all are having a great weekend! I went to a wee gig in Cavan where the band the Strypes where playing (these 17 year olds are actually amazing btw, you should check them out if you love a bit of old school Rock n Roll!) so getting stuck into my books now tonight but wanted to do a quick wee review on this awesome kit, the Beautiful Brows kit, I got a few months ago on HERE!!

Now, have a wee confession to make! I was not always a person who did their brows (I know, I know!!) but I never saw the importance of it until maybe 6 months ago.. My first brow tool was the Catrice brow pencil (you know, the one with the spoolie on the end?!) and I still LOVE it but I found once I started using this & doing my brows, I GOT it! I understood why, for some gals, brows nearly are more essential than lippie (that will NEVER be me, but this is a happy medium!) so I invested in something a little more high end when I knew I would make use!

Anyways, enough about that, on to the set! With the kit you get the following:

  • 3 brow stencils
  • Brow powder
  • Highlight shadow
  • Tweezers
  • A brush to apply the highlight shadow
  • A duo ended brush for the brow powder

Here are what my brows look like after using the stencils & the brow powder

This is the natural stencil (my favourite!)

And this is the bold stencil...
I found my brows too thick to use the sleek stencil so I didn't bother with that one!
The set retails for €45 which to some might seem a little steep but for the girl out there who needs her brows to be sculpted to perfection it is a great investment!

So, share with me what YOU use to do your brows.. or do you do your brows at all? Would love for you to share!

Until next post
Love and hugs


  1. I use something a little like this called Cresty Brows.

  2. I saw this kit recently in a salon and was debating about getting it, looks fab here! x

    1. It's a brilliant set, I am thinking of picking up another of the brow powders in a shade lighter to mix for a better colour!

  3. This kit looks lovely as do your brows! I must look into it a bit more thoroughly... my brows need a bit of attention!


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