It's ChristmasTag Time!

My first tag & its Christmas themed? Yay! I was tagged by the lovely Chloe aka Nursefancypants - go check out her blog cos she is awesome!
What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?
For me it has to be spending time with my whole family. We are really a really close bunch so Christmas dinner involved having 20 of us around at one gaff tucking into the turkey! I also just love the genral buzz - everyone seems so much more lighthearted at this time of year! Lots of smiles :)
What’s your favourite makeup look for the season
Tis the season for some parties so the more different than your eberyday look the better! RED RED and MORE RED lippie! and I am loving the influx of GLITTER that has cropped up everywhere, so glittery shadow, some metallic gold eteliner? Sorted!
Real tree or fake tree?
Ok, I would LOVE to say I was a real tree person (the smell is DIVINE!) but when I was a wee one I had asthma - the rents went with fake as I was less likely to have a coughing fit so kinda stuck with that... It can be still as pretty if you get a good quality one, and can always get some pine scented candles! ;)
Giving presents or receiving presents?
A little of both ;) I must admit thatI do love seeing a person's face when you put some personal thought into their gift, the best feeling in the world!
Do you open your presents Christmas morning or evening?
MORNING of course!! If they even make it that far without being opened!!
Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
Bought - but I want to start getting into making handmade next year, just need to find a good arts & crafts store!

What’s your favourite Christmas movie? 
OOOHHH! That's a mighty tough one - I remember the Christmases when My Fair Lady used to always be on? Loved that movie! Also, Home Alone (1 or 2 - anything after that is a sham!) or the Muppet's Christmas Carol.
I tag Sarah @Adoreabubbles and Katie @whatkhdid
Enjoy the Christmas run-up lovelies!!


  1. Heartily agree with your movie choices! Blog looking excellent I'm your first Bloglovin follower!

  2. Ooh, Bloglovin'?! Awesome!! I need to figure out how to work it.. Technically stoopid I am! Just got my head around GFC :) thanks for the blog love lady! Which movies are your favourites?!xx


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