#SBBC Day 16 - Things I love

Hey lovely readers :)
Today's post is things I love.. Sorry if it gets a little cheesy ;)

Well, if you follow this blog or follow me on Twitter you will know I love my makeup. I love how a little slick of lippie or a touch of mascara can make a gal feel a million dollars! It even allows us to express ourselves through colour & flare!

Sparkly things!
I am like a human magpie! I love my statement necklaces & earrings!

every girl has a love of shoes.. Whether it's pretty ballerina flats, sexy heels or rockin' cons!

I am a HUGE CSI buff.. My favourite has to be Las Vegas, back in the Grisham days!

My puppies!
Meet Tobi & Pippa, the two best dog pals a girl could ask for! They really are such intelligent wee ladies :)

My friends!
Along with the amazing crew of beauty bloggers I am privileged to call friends I am also very lucky to have some brilliant non-blogger mates too.
Love you all <3

Simon (himself!)
I guess I couldn't write a post on things I love without mentioning my awesome boyfriend of 4 years! He makes me smile every day :)

My family!
I know it may sound cliche but they helped me get to where I am today & have been there through the smiles & tears. My mum, dad, awesome wee sister & extended family are actually a bunch of legends!
Really going to miss my baby sis when she heads off to France till May :(

So, there you have some of the things that make me happy!
Until tomorrow lovelies!



  1. Gorgeous post Sarah, you have the happiest smile I've ever seen on anyone, it's infectious! Lovely pictures xx


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