A Thank you from the bottom of my heart..

Hi all my lovely readers,
I felt like I had to write a blog post just bringing you up to speed as to why my posts have been so erratic the last while..some of you may know that my Gran is very sick - she has cancer, and the chemo she has been on the past while didn't stop the growth of more tumours.
So, I am writing this post to explain a little of why I have been such an undependable blogger... I am sorry but there are sometimes (which is a LOT of the time lately) where I feel my heart would not be in my post, which I think is pointless as I think that is an essential thing for a blogger, to have their personality in the post. I am not saying I am quitting or taking a break..there may just be large gaps between my posts for the next while.
I want to say thank you to all my fellow Irish beauty bloggers that have been so caring, thoughtful & supportive. Your texts & tweets have given me strength & I can't express in words how much that means.

So, I will blog again soon my lovelies, just wanted to you know that my unreliability isn't completely to me being a ditzy yoke!

Take care, love you all


  1. So sorry to hear about about your Gran!

  2. Ah Sarah, hoping that your gran gets some relief soon. We will still be here when you are ready to blog and we are always available on twitter to lend a shoulder.

  3. Take your time hun, we'll be ready and waiting whenever you feel ready to blog again. It's hard when you have so much on your mind and heart xx

  4. Sarah so sorry to hear about your nan. xx

  5. We're all thinking of you hun, take as much time as you need. xx

  6. Aw Sarah, i hope you're gran will be okay.x


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