Four Shades of Red with L'oreal Collection Privee Red!

Hey ladies!
Hope you are all having a beautiful chilled day.. I am off to a wedding fair today.. Here is hoping we will soon have a date & venue!
So today, I am having a wee look at the L'oreal Collection Privee Red lipsticks today. The idea behind these is that there is an ideal red lippie out there for very lady, you pick the celeb whose skin colour you are closest to & they are your type of red.. As you can see I got them all and find them all wearable depending on the look you are going for!

First up Julianne's red- probably the one I would be best matched to. It is an electric tomatoey shade & probably best suited for a day time red. 

Next is Blake's red. This is a blue-pink based red, and probably is my favourite, makes me feel all glamourous!!

Then we have Liya's red. This shade is a pure dark red. 

Finally, Eva's red. This lippie is a brick, orange based red & looks stunning on!

Swatches from bottom of pic to top show - Julianne's red, Blake's red, Liya's red and Eva's red at the top.
These lippies are €11.99 & are well worth the dosh, they last really well & look so pretty too with the classy casing!
Have you tried any of these reds & what do you think?

Until next post,
Take care lovelies!

Sarah xx


  1. Ooh Julianne's red looks gorgeous and so does blake's!
    Emma xo |

  2. Very cute shades, hope the wedding fair was fun!


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