All that Glitters!

Heya everyone!
Ok, so I don't know about you but I am really starting to get into the spirit of all things Christmas now so when I went to visit a few local pharmacy (a wee pick me up drugstore makeup spree you see!) and I noticed now that all the stands are all about  glitter, golds, sparkles & metallics - and I LOVE it!
I am going to give you a quick wee run down on the supplies I got (apologies if it looks like a big advert for Essence - not intended, just on a tight budget at minute with a girl's weekend out next weekend!)

Ok, so firstly - liquid eyeliners!
Jacob's Protection

Alice Had a Vision - Again

I admit to being very much a eyeliner pencil kinda gal but lately have tested the waters of liquid pens - once the nib is skinny enough I am not too bad (I blame the nerves on the first time I tried black liquid liner - poke myself in the eyeball & it went a ghastly grey!!) so I was delighted to pick up the Essence glitter eyeliners in the new Twilight range (totally need to check it out people, quality product for pennies!). I got two - the purple glitter "Alice Had a Vision - Again" and the blue giltter one "Jacob's protection". If I can find any fault with these it that they are very sheer - but if you apply it over again a few times the glitter builds up. I think these babies will look fab over some dark liner - jazz it up for the PARTY SEASON!

Then, my other liner purchase - Barry M Metallic liquid liner in gold. Just look!! I LOVE it!! This is amazing stuff, in fact I am so in love with this metallic I may have to go see what other colours of these liners I can pick up! This gold will really spice up a nude eye look for Christmas!!

Then I picked up the Shimmer Powder from the Twilight Essence range. As you can see, it really is quite shimmery so without running the risk of looking like a shiny faced lightbuld I think this powder would suit for using as illuminating powder for contouring. As quality goes it is actually amazingly smooth - not chalky at all. Brilliant!
Along with this I also got the blusher in the range. It's called Renesmee Red - and boy is it RED! A little powdery in the consistency but considering it cost next to nothing no biggie. This blush would have to be applied with a REALLY light hand without the wearer looking like a tomatoe & not a pale, rose cheeked vampress!

Finally, the lipglosses! I got the shades "Alice has a Vision - Agan" a purpley plum (not half as purple when on as in the tube!) and the gorgeous red gloss
Both of these smell DIVINE and they wear so well - can wear them alone for a little casula sparkle or over a lipstick to vamp (haha, see what I did there?!) up the glamour - they are high shine glosses!

So, that was my Saturday's purchases!
Has anyone tried some of this line & if so what do you think? Also, if anyone has tried the Barry M liners be sure to let me know what you think too - I think another will find its way into my makeup bag at some stage!

Until next time ladies, love & hugs!!

Sarah xx


  1. Ooh I can never find the twilight range anywhere :( it looks great .. Great post x

  2. These look great! I'm so sad that I'm no longer in Europe to snatch up these great drugstore goodies :(

  3. Fabulous post Sarah! Great to get a good look at the essence collection, might pick up a few bits next time I see it! And that barry m looks amazing, can imagine its fab. Great post! x

    1. Would REALLY recommend the lipglosses if nothing else - they are FAB! Wish that more of the line was in my pharmacy! Thanks hun x

  4. Great post Hun! I actually saw another blogger had bought that Barry m eyeliner but to use for nail art-once it sets she puts a clear topcoat over it and it seemed to work fine! :) xx

    1. Wow, actually never thought of that! Would be great too as the nib is so fine! Thanks for the support hun ;) x

  5. Love that Gold liner!!!! Can't wait to get my hand on the MUG Gold gel liner! Lovely post!

  6. Lol I bought a second blusher to use for makeup for the Panto for our leprechaun!! It's that red!

  7. I love essence & Catrice! And I am in love with the twilight nail polishes at the moment!

  8. I left it too late to pick up my Twilight essense products. I did get my hands on the blush and powder. Can't wait to try them out. :D


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