Bear with me, lovely bloggettes!

ok, so I am going to write a wee post explaining why I haven't blogged about my photo shoot experience yet -
reason no.1 : the lovely people at the photography company are snowed under for Christmas (hehe, see what I did there?!) so we won't have our pictures in the print till Jan. No biggie though, I got snaps of the work in progress so will be sharing those!!

reason no. 3: it seems that my lectures think I have nothing better to do with my time than do assignments!! zzzzzzz! So trying to get a head start on those, man I detest exam papers!!

reason no.2: I am currently mourning my iPhone - the poor wee yoke got its hardware fried!! :( Hence why I have been lying low!

Am very very sorry my lovelies, will rectify this shortly, blog post should be up by Thursday!!

Take care,
Love & hugs as always!

Sarah "Mike"


  1. That photo is so cute. I've always wanted to do some sort of professional photo shoot. I think having a half decent photo of myself in the house would help my confidence!

  2. Aww :) thanks ladies! It's so much fun- we should have a blog photo shoot!!! It would be mad craic!!xx

  3. You look gorgeous, I hate having photos, they never look like me lol!

  4. Did you do your hair yourself???? Luv it :)


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