Hello Blog-World!

Hey everyone!
So, my first Blog post is going to be short & sweet but I really think that before I get down to business there are a few wee things I need to say...So here we go!!

ok, so I am not the most techno-gadget or computer smart person in the world (ask Sarah from adoreabubbles.blogspot.ie - she had to tell me to add a follow button?! Duhh moment I know!) so this could take a wee while for me to get the hang of but stay with me - I will get it- eventually! :)

I also want to thank everyone who has encouraged me & inspired me to start this blog - without your words of advice & spurring me on I would still me hmmm-ing & haw-ing about this so thank you so so much!

Donna from notjustinside.com - thank you so so much for letting me post my first ever blog post on your blog! It meant so much that an amazing blogger trusted me enough to let me do this, you are a LEDGEBAG

Same goes to Sarah- adoreabubbles - you are an AWESOME help with making this happen - I love ya long time girl!!

Sue from itscherrysue, Andie @ dancingwithdisaster.blogspot.ie, Marian thehighlifeofmars.blogspot.ie and my Canadian sister Nikki @ makeupjunkienikki.com & my US sister beauty101blog.com and hellomissniki.com - and so so many others I will get around to blogging about & with in future - this is all thanks to your help & support - love you ladies!!

So, that's me! First random blurb of thoughts!

Work is mad at minute so more blogs will follow real soon!

Thanks for reading & following hunnies!!

Sarah "Mike" Giggles
:) xx


  1. Lovely to see your first post Hun :) Keep up the good work ;) xx

  2. Yay!!! So glad you took the plunge :) Can't wait to see your posts!

  3. Welcome to the blogging world! Have fun with it, that's the main thing.

  4. you are way too sweet!! good luck with your blog!! You will do amazing!!! HAPPY BLOGGING!!!

  5. Aahh so glad you're finally blogging!! Can't wait to see more posts..I know you'll be amazing!! :)

  6. Well done Sarah and best of luck with the blog - you certainly have some make-up collection to blog about! I look forward to reading it :) Steph (@beautyempie) xx

  7. Congrats Hun! Looking forward to reading all your lovely posts!xx

  8. How exciting!!!
    We can't wait to read more! :)

  9. Thanks everyone :) really appreciate the love & support! Xx


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