Vintage Style!!

Hey lovelies!!
Ok, first off I just want to apologise for my absence on the blog and on Twitter & the auld Facebook... see my last blog for my drama with my iPhone (I am getting over it...its a slow process though!!)

But I just wanted to write a short wee blog about my last weekend's adventures!
Me & some of my girlies decided a wee while ago to avail of this awesome Groupon Deal that was in Belfast - a vintage photo shoot with a photography company called 4Ever Photos that usually is worth £75 was only £20!! Bargain for a day out! So booked it we did & the lovely lady told us that she was chocer-block busy until November so figured be as good a time as any!
We decided to all wear a LBD, as vintage style as we could make it, and then coloured shoes - we all tried to go for different colours, mix it up a bit!
So, we arrived for our 12pm appointment (a little late - its really hard to find some business parks in the middle of nowhere outside Belfast!) and when we arrived the head lady had a wee glass of wine, of coffee and the cutest wee PINK muffins (she won me over at that point!) to have as they took 2 of us in at a time, one hair, one makeup!
Would you like to see some pictures of the transformation?! Sorry this post is so picture heavy but a photo can paint a thousand words really!

Chrissy getting rollers in for Victory Rolls!

Some pout action!!

Ruth goes Rockabilly style!

Dawn getting her vintage transformation!

Irish Flag - Shoe Style!!

Yes, I am a poser!!
Mise! I loved what she did with my makeup & hair

    We just had the best days craic, giggles were had & sure it was something different! I really would recommend this to anyone, the memories from a day out with your girls like this will last a lifetime.
Unfortunately I won't get the hard copies of the ACTUAL shoot unntil after Christmas as they are booked up weeks in advance with the rush & also because I need to view the one/ones I want before they process them so will be sure to share all when I get them!!

So that's me for now lovelies, until next time, love & hugs
Sarah xx