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Ok, so on my trip to Galway to do some Christmas shopping I MAY have treated myself...(just a little like!) so my blog is back in business! I am going to go into detail about each of the wee bits I picked up as I am going on a spending ban in January till I pay off some bills!

So, the first thing I bought was Urban Decay's new palette "Naked Basics". I actually bought this online during the Debenhams sale & it was waiting on me when I came home this weekend. I am a big Urban Decay lover but I have to (shamefully!) admitting that I do not have the Naked 1 or Naked 2 palette so I when I saw this palette I figured it was a good place to start, the corner stone of the Naked palettes!

Now, down to business & enough chit- chat!
This palette contains six full-sized eyeshadows: Venus (an off-white matte), Foxy (light beige matte), Walk of Shame (very light pink-nude matte), Naked 2 (a pinky-taupe matte), Faint (dusty brown matte), and Crave (dark brown/black matte).

Look, isn't it sleek?! And the mirror is great too!!

Now, some of the shades are not exclusive to this new palette. Foxy is available individually and in Naked 2 and Walk of Shame is the shadow that comes with the Build Your Own Palette).

Before I go into the in-depth review & pictures I have to say how gobsmacked I was about the smooth buttery texture of these shadows! Really, it was like touching VELVET! Matte shadows have the tendency to be powdery and crumbing but these bad boys have AMAZING colour pay-off and are so so silky. It was actually awesome to work with! Saying that, I was expecting nothing less from the new formula Urban Decay has for their shadows.

Venus is a white-shimmered creamy white.

Foxy is a yellowed beige with a matte finish.

Walk of Shame is a pale pale pink nude shadow.

L-R: Walk of Shame, Foxy, Venus


Naked 2 is a grey/brown taupe with a matte finish.

Faint is a warm medium brown with a matte finish.

Crave is a dark black with brown undertones and a matte finish.

L-R: Crave, Faint, Naked 2

The palette itself is so small & compact and sleek, not the usual bright & bold we expect from the crew at Urban Decay! But this is brilliant, it is the perfect size for travelling, and its well suited its name - Basics. However, nothing about the quality is basic!!

SO... what do you think of this new release from Urban Decay? Will you be giving it a wee go or are mattes a big no-no?
I can honestly say this changed my views on mattes for the good!!

Let me know what you think below?


  1. This looks fab, I love Ud palettes so will def be checking this out! Great post hun!xx

  2. I really want this, I think its in my santa sack ;) xx

  3. Aww man I was already tempted, this palette looks gorgeous! Great review


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