A fitter Me - my ThinThursday journey!

Hey lovelies!
Happy New Year!! Hope ye all had a brilliant Christmas! I had a quiet one, which was great in one sense, but as you can tell from the Blog Title, I really over-indulged!

So, what is ThinThursday I hear you ask? It's basically a group of us bloggers that have decided to get together & support each other on our mission to get fit & healthy in 2013 by loosing some weight. We all differ in our reasons and our overall goals but we have a common mission, and as you know, when a group of gals get together we become UNSTOPPABLE!

I have always carried around a few extra lbs since I can remember (I was the kid with the chipmunk cheeks!) but it wasn't till my teens that I really felt it. The pretty girls where always the skinny girls so I would try to do the "fad diets" - it never worked except make me feel miserable. It was my Mum who said to me that my reasons for loosing weight where bad ones so slowly I have been aiming for a fitter me, rather than a skinner me (that will NEVER happen, I love food WAAY too much!)
Last year, I very gradually lost a stone through getting more active. I am not going to lie, it was SO hard! But the little things like fitting into a size 12, or looking pretty hot (if I do say so myself!) at the Christmas work party made me stick to it...then Christmas happened. Let's say, I near cried when I saw the scales! But, I have managed to loose 3lbs of that Christmas weight already, so from here on in, healthy eating and together with the ThinThursday Tweethearts sharing tips, our progresses and supporting each other I want to accomplish 2 things:

1. Try the Flora Mini Marathon this Summer. I know I will not be able to run it all, but I am going to give it a go! Should be fun!!
2. Losose a stone before a friend's wedding in July... if possible! If not, at least fit into a small size 12 ;)

So that's me telling you all about the next few month's journey I will be starting out on with these amazing ladies' support! If you would like to join in comment people or tweet me @RaraGiggles with the #ThinThursday

Here are the links for the other brilliant ladies so you can check them out!

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@madamesmadeup: http://www.madamesmadeup.blogspot.ie/
@Lisa_san: http://scatterbrainedblogging.blogspot.ie/

I think the key thing about this is that we are in it together as support and encouragement is so important - it's not a diet really but a lifestyle change!

Until next time lovlies, Take Care!!



  1. ThinThursday Tweetheart.. Luv it :)
    2013 is our year to succeed

  2. What a great idea!! Love the name! ThinThursday!!

  3. I was sure I'd commented on this already! Great post Sarah & ThinThursday was a great idea, hope you are kicking this week's butt xx

  4. We are gonna do this girl and we can do the Flora marathon together! Or at least i'm doing it too! #ThinThursday all the way!


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