Defining Eyes with Sigma

Hey folks!!
I am back in action!! Sorry for my lack of blogging the past while, but I am back & ready to blog!
So, months ago on Twitter I heard Tiffany D, and awesome fashion & beauty blogger from the USA, had gotten together with Sigma and created a palette that is an all-in-one for defined eyes.
As soon as I had seen it, I fell in love with the idea & I knew if it is from Sigma the quality would be second to none so I contacted the lovely folk at who are Irish stockists for Sigma & the lovely Sarah told me they would be getting the palette in mid-December.
Mid-December arrives and the wonderful cloud10beauty team tweet me & tell me it has arrived & I am in there like swimwear!
And here is the palette in all its beauty!

The box is strong and sturdy, with a near full size mirror on the top lid.
The palette itself contains 8 eyeshadows, 2 gel eyeliners, a dual ended eyeliner pencil and one of Sigma's dual sided eye makeup  brush (which by the way, are amazing quality!)


So the shadows themselves are:

In the Dark (matte black)

Midnight (a dark navy blue with a hint of shimmer)

Fog (a pale grey, with a slight silver glitter)

Halo (a shimmery beige/ivory)

Brunette (a light matte brown)

Chestnut (a copper with flecks of gold sparkle)

Smoke (a shimmery taupe)

Beam (pale ivory with a touch of shimmer)

L-R: White liner, Blue liner, Brunette, Chestnut, Smoke, Beam
L-R: In the Dark, Midnight, Fog, Halo, Chocolate Gel Liner, Blackout Gel Liner

I think my favourite would have to be Beam, I have been looking everywhere for a nice highlighter colour, it will be great in so many eye makeup looks!

Then, the 2 gel eyeliners are:



I was really pleased to get a brown gel liner in this palette, it really makes the whole palette so versatile, and can cover day to night looks!

Finally, the eyeliner pencil.
I was so sceptical at first as I know all too well this is where many all-inclusive palettes fail but this pencil was so soft! No dragging or anything! The while pencil is really useful to have in any set and the blue is such a beautiful colour!

The palette also came with a wee book that showed the specific looks you can create with the palette, which I haven't tried out yet (been playing around with my own!) but they are stunning looks - going to really have a unique smokey eye next time!

So, there you have it! What do you guys think of this palette?
As always, if you have any questions I would love for you to leave me a comment below!

Until next time lovelies,

Take Care!



  1. So jealous of you having this. I love Tiffany! Xx

  2. Wow looks gorgeous and your blog looks fab!

  3. This is so pretty! I'm such a sucker for these kinds of colours! You should definitely do a make up look with this! I may have to purchase this....

  4. I might try one of the looks in the book?! Thanks ladies, your support is awesome as always!!xx

  5. Was thinking about getting this pallet, is it a must have?? Or should I get the one of the UD Oz pallets??? Help xx

    1. Sorry only getting back to your comment lady! Things have been a little mad (new post explains a little!) but this palette is just gorgeous! If I was being honest this palette probably is more of a go-to palette & all rounder as you have the 2 gel liners AND you can create day AND night looks with this one.. but the Oz palettes are brilliant in their own right for outstanding quality of shadows?


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