Illamasqua Master class?! YES PLEASE!!

Ladies, I want to fill you in on something that it QUITE A BIG DEAL!!

 Dani aka TheGlamourNazi (who is a total LEDGEBAG by the way!) is trying to sort a masterclass with only one of the BIGGEST brands in beauty Illamasqua - yes you heard me!!

When someone thinks Illamasqua and makeup its the equivalent of the creme of the crop, the cats pjs and the bee's knees all in one so it would be so so awesome to have the makeup artists behind this awesome brand come over and give us the low down on being an artist not just a makeup addict! (Not that there is anything wrong with that says the owner of a bajillion blushers!!)

Would you be interest? Hell to the yes I hear you say!! Well, all you gots to do is give her a wee email at
As of yet the price & when it will be isn't known yet as it will all depend on of YOU want to go - numbers are needed before they agree to come over & do this so be a wee star & sign up with Dani yeah?!

Oh and giver her some loveage on the old Twitter  and her blog thinking of us ladies!

Until next time lovelies!
Sarah xx


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