Looking for a Bra? DublinLingerie.ie has you sorted!

When the lovely Mary at http://www.thedublinlingeriecompany.ie/ emailed me & asked me to check out the website as any blogger would, I gleefully hop-skipped on over there to have a wee peek and I was really impressed! Dublinlingerie.ie is a new site dedicated to the various underwear needs of ladies - from teens starting out with their first bra to maternity bras & all the requirements in between!

They cover cup sizes from AAA - KK cups, stock briefs, basques (which I am really tempted in buying - classy sexy!), shapewear (a LIFESAVER when you have a function on & have maybe indulged a little tooo much!) and can also meet the needs of ladies who need a good sports bra (ladies, you gotta look after the twins when exercising, believe me!!)

What I really was impressed about was the helpfulness of the site- they even have a Men's guide to buying bras, an ingenious idea for the guys out there wanting to treat the ladies in their lives!

The site really takes the confusion out of the equation for the poor blokes!!!
Also, for the teenagers on the quest to get their first bra, the site couldn't be any more helpful in reducing the daunting process with words of wisdom and a measuring guide-Flashback to cringe worthy scenes of my first bra fitting.. I was so red faced but this can now be done through the privacy of your own room once you have your measurements! Sorted!

And what really showed that Dublinlingerie.ie have REAL women at the heart of their aims was when I saw they have a section on their site for woman who have had mastectomies, something I know that will hit home with a lot of people, coming up to Daffodil Day & when we think of all the strong willed ladies who have fought breast cancer - a post op bra is something I never thought existed, never crossed my mind but with this fantastic site readily stocking them I know it will make a stressful time a little easier.

So, there you have it, the 4-1-1 on http://www.thedublinlingeriecompany.ie -
go check them out ladies (and gents!) - a truly brilliant Irish lingerie site with a big heart and really does meet their tagline "With every Woman in Mind"

Oh, and give them a wee follow on Twitter too https://twitter.com/lingeriedublin

Until next time
Take care lovelies!!


  1. I had the hardest time finding bra fitting in Edina. I did finally find somewhere (thankfully, since the measurements I was getting at home turned out to be wrong... as expected). I will definitely try that site. I was measured at a 36H, which is very hard to find in any onsite store.


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