Back in the Thin Thursday saddle!

Ok, so been a while since I have done a Thin Thursday post! Just wanted to update you all on my progress!
You might have seen me Tweeting that I have gone to the odd Boxercise class- so so much fun & would love to join a weekly class once exams are through with! Also, I have gone to the odd Dance Aerobics class, which isn't as intense as Boxercise but A LOT of good fun!
So.... This is it! I have taken the plunge & signed up for the Flora Mini Marathon!! I have wanted to do it for so long so I bit the bullet! I had to enter as a Walker due to the fact that Joggers need to prove they have done previous marathons (this is my first!!) but I think a Walker is a good start! To make sure I am fit enough for this I have decided to join a local gym for the next 2 months that is running a package to help would-be mini marathon participants get ready for the event.. For €100 I can use the gym, pool & attend the3 weekly classes- a pretty good deal! So, we shall see how that goes!
Oh, and over the past 4 weeks I have lost 12 inches all over!! Pretty cool eh?!
So, will keep you posted lovelies!
Take care
Sarah L xx


  1. Well done! Having something to work towards is such a good motivator, i hope you get the results you want :) xx

  2. 12 inches is amazing! Well done you x

  3. Well done Sarah, that's amazing! x

  4. Oh wow 12 inches is brilliant!! I've completely slacked on my thinthursdayness (totes a real word), gotta make myself do better soon!

  5. Go you!! That's great news Sarah good luck with the training!


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