Back in a while GONE STUDYING

Hey lovelies!
Just wanted to write a quick post to say I will be taking a 3 week break from my blog as I have major exams coming up that I need to give 101% to!
I will be back and in full swing real soon, and once college is over with for summer will be blogging more regular (excuse the sporadic posts for now!)
So I just wanted to explain before I went disappearing for the next while- thank you for the supportive tweets & texts, you lot mean the WORLD to me!
Chat soon & Take Care
Sarah L xx


  1. Lots of luck with your exams Sarah! xxx

  2. Best of luck with your exams - I'm sure you'll do amazingly!! x

  3. best of luck with the studies lady x

  4. Good luck Sarah, fingers crossed for you xx


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