Rimmel Apocalips

Hey lovelies!
Ok, I know everyone & their mother has reviewed the Rimmel Apocalips products so I may be a bit late to the party but I only recently picked a few up from my local Cara Pharmacy, as they were selling them at a whole €2 cheaper than the next pharmacy - one of the many reasons I love Cara!

 I picked up Big Bang (a bright red)

 Celestial (a pinkish nude)

and when I saw the lovely Cliona (check out her blog at makeupmotivationandmusings.blogspot.ie ) wearing the funky Apocaliptic (fushia pink) I had to bags that one!

So, I  thought I might as well give my cents worth on these liquid lipsticks! So, without further a do here are the positives and negatives I found with them:


  • The doe-foot applicator made putting on the lacquer quite easy, one dip could do your whole lips
  • The pigmentation of these babies is something else! 
  • Some people have been saying they really dislike the scent but smell is a personal preference I guess - I love the scent of them!
  • They could never be described as drying lip products (which brings me to one of my cons!) so it is great for cold weather when a gal like me needs to avoid matte lippies like the plague!
However... there are a few "thumbs down" to these...

  • They are quite sticky!! Which would be grand only they don't ever seem to dry AT ALL! As a result of this I think they can be quite messy if you are not careful
  • As they don't dry the staying power of these liquid lippies was a little disappointing...I found myself having to do touch-ups quite often.

So there is my quick low-down on the new liquid lacquers. There are a few cons to these guys but I found more pros to them & I do think they are quite handy to have in the handbag! 
Hope you found the review useful & will chat to you soon!

Take care!
Sarah L


  1. I have big bang and adore it but I'm very tempted now to get Apocaliptic too! You're so right though about how long they last- I find it a bit irritating but I think it's worth it for that knock-out red! xx

    1. I know right?! And it's not like a red lippie that dries out, that's a plus!! :) xx

  2. I have celestial and Luna. I like them but do find them tricky... I have to put them on with a lip brush or it looks a bit patchy. They look fab when I get them on though!!

    1. A brush, good thinking!! Never thought of that, thanks for the tip!xx

  3. I was mad about them when they came out first - I have Luna, Nova & Galaxy (gave Nude Eclipse to my sister, it gave me foundation lips) - I love the colour but they don't last ages, still - great product for the price! x

    1. I think I will be investing in Nova anyways, can't beat it for a quick together look!xx

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  5. I love these, such amazing colours! I am a new follower. Please check out my blog if you get a chance, xxx


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