#JuneBBC Day 3 Favourite hair product

Hello hello!!
So, Day #3 - my top hair product... well I should tell you a little about my hair first- I was cursed  "blessed" with curly, wavy hair - great if I wasn't born with hair that gets crazy dry at the ends & greasy at the roots meaning taming products were never a walk in the park!
However, I have come upon some products that have helped me tame the frizz & embrace the waves!

Tigi BedHead Glaze Haze:
This little bottle works wonders for my hair & it's frizzy nature. It's a serum that you need only apply a tiny pea-sized amount & run it through your whole hair (avoid near the roots though, might leave them a little greasy!)
As well as controlling the wildness while smelling gorgeous at the same time this miracle worker speeds up the time I need to dry my hair - I don't know how but that has to be good to save my dry ends from prolonged heat exposure?!

Revlon Professional Equave 2 phase Leave in Conditioner:
This stuff smells amazing & only for it my hair would be like STRAW! When my hair is damp I squirt this all over & then style as normal- and it really leaves my hair so much more softer & less frizz/fly away

 ghd Heat protection spray:
Ok, so sometimes we need to straighten out the waves! And if I ever need to I ALWAYS apply this stuff- it protects my hair from being burnt or broken by my straighteners which means my hairdresser doesn't get as cross with me using the ghds as before! 


  1. Ohh I like the sounds of the Revlon Phase 2!!

    1. It's actually brilliant, my hair knows when I don't use it.. If that makes sense?!

  2. My hairdresser used to always use the Revlon phase 2, such a lovely product, love the smell too!x

  3. I included Revlon Equave 2 Phase on my list as well. I've been using it for so long, such a good product for dry hair. My hair probably would have already fallen out of my head without it!

  4. I love the smell of the Revlon phase, its devine! I love the sound of that Bed Head thing, will be looking out for it tomorrow!


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