#JuneBBC - Day 1 My Favourite Eyeliner(s)!

Hey Lovelies!
I decided I wanted to get better at blogging more regularly so I am going to give the June BBC challenge started by the lovely Ann-Maire over at girlfridaysbeautyblog.wordpress (check her awesome blog out!!) - I know I am a few days behind but I will catch up ASAP!

So the first post was to be about our favourite eyeliner - I couldn't decide on just the one as I have a few wee faves for different reasons so I will get straight to it!

Fave Eyeliner Pencil:
Without a shadow of a doubt my holy grail of eyeliner pencils is the Urban Decay 24 7 Glide On eyeliners - they are just so so creamy smooth to apply and once they are on, they stay on till you take them off! This is comforting to know as there is NOTHING worse than having panda eyes from smudgy liner!!
The one little problem I have with these liners is they are quite expensive!! Its up on €18 for one - so they are a little of a treat!
My favourite one would have to be LSD - its such a unique liner!! Junkie is a beautiful colour too! 

Fave Eyeliner Liquid:
I have always had a shaky hand so the thoughts of applying liquid liquid always filled me with fear & images of black eyeballs from pokes in the eye... you might know the score! 
So...when I found this amazing Barry M liquid liner I fell in LOVE with the skinny nib - it really makes for easy application! Also, it comes in a a number of colours - the gold is just beautiful with a bronze smokey eye!!

Fave Gel Liner:
Finally, my favourite gel liner would have to be these wee pots of awesomeness from online American site http://www.makeupgeek.com/store/ - they are so smooth, long lasting and really pigmented! They come in a great range of colours too - even with a white gel liner which I think is really awesome!!

The one downside to these is the fact that international shipping is not really fun on the wallet BUT the liners themselves are a crazy low price for the quality you are getting so if you were to want to try them out then I would recommend going with a decent sized order... or waiting till there is a wee deal on the site!

So, there you have it! My favourite liners! Hope you enjoyed reading, and I will be catching up on the other posts as quick as I can!
Talk soon lovelies!

Sarah xx


  1. welcome m'dear!

    I'm so jealous of your makeup geek liners! I didn't realise they shipped internationally. You are such an enabler - roll on payday!


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