#JuneBBC Day 4- what's in my shower?!

Hey lovelies! So the next instalment of the #JuneBBC challenge, Day 4 is What's in my shower.. So without further a do lets get cracking!

Body Scrub: Soap & Glory "Scrub of Your Life". This is an amazing scrub, the scent is gorgeous & fruity & while being tough on dry skin the scrub isn't harshly abrasive which is great for me with sensitive skin in patches!

Face Wash: Foaming face wash from the tea tree & witch hazel range in Boots.
This is inexpensive & at the same time is extremely effective, I feel like I have had a deep cleanse & I know it helps keeps breakouts at bay with the tea tree extracts

Shower gel: Nivea Diamond Touch cream oil - my favourite shower gel of all time I think, the scent of this is so luxurious & it promises to leave skin feeling soft which it fulfills! 

Revlon Professional Nutri Colour Creme: 
I always shower with this near hand so on the days my hair needs a little lift or my highlights are a bit brassy I pump a little of this stuff out (using gloves of course- it could dye your hands red!) and run it through my hair & leave in for at least 3 minutes! It really leaves for hair silky as well as brighter!

Shampoo: Johnston baby shampoo is currently being used as my hair needs a little TLC & this is the gentlest shampoo around- I love this version with a slight lavender scent :)

So, there you have it! I will be back tomorrow with Day 5 & 6 hopefully! 
Take care 
Sarah xx


  1. You certainly have made fast work at catching up! I like the sound of that cleanser sounds nice:) Must look at the soap and glory too, might be a nice change to the tub!

  2. I want to try pretty much all of the items you have up there, especially the S&G Scrub


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