#JuneBBC Day 7- Favourite lip product

Hey lovelies!
So I skipped day no.6- mainly because whenever I have a really disappointing buy I give it to my sister or little 11 year old cousin who loves playing with makeup.. So day no.7 was my favourite lip product- without a doubt it would have to be my Revlon Lip Butters!

I have a ridiculous collection but from the first time I tried one I loved the moisturising qualities & the fact they are the easiest to wear "lipstick" I had ever tried!

This post will be quite photo heavy with swatches galore so bear with me...

Firstly we have Berry Smoothie-

Then we have Strawberry Shortcake, a really cute frosty pink...

Candy apple is a rich vibrant red- I love this one!

Tuti Fruiti has to be my favourite! It is an orange coral

So there you have it! Some of my favourite lip products!! Hope you enjoyed reading, take care lovelies!

Sarah xx


  1. I still want to try tuti fruti!!

  2. I made the silly mistake of buying the Peach Parfait one thinking it'd look like Emma Stone in the ad, not taking into account all the editing that was done to her afterwards! I was disappointed with the colour payoff but it was my own fault really. I love how moisturising they are and I love that they're a lip butter in a stick, so much handier than the pots x

  3. Candy Apple and Tuti Fruiti look gorgeous- definitely summer shades. I only have one lip butter, it's a pale pink and doesn't really show up too much but it does feel lovely so I think some brighter shades like these would be great!
    I really do like your blog too and am, of course, now following :)
    I hope you're well and hope to speak soon,
    Laura xx



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