Life the past wee while...

Ok, I am so sorry lovelies!

I have let my blog posts go by the wayside a little the past while & I have no reason to blame anything but myself & I am so very sorry.. 
Between failing one of my exams (but I passed the other!!) & family stuff I just didn't have the energy! 
But, I made the #irishbblogger chat last night & it really inspired me to get stuck back into my wee blog!
So, I am really going to try harder now!
And finally I just want to say how much I LOVE being part of the Irish Beauty Blogging Community- you are such an awesome, supportive bunch of folk & you always make me smile! Love you ladies!!

Take care, talk real soon!


  1. Aww good to have you back you were missed!

  2. Aww Sarah I know the feeling, please don't feel bad for not blogging, nobody expects you to do things when you aren't in the humour, well done on passing your exam and I really hope you feel better, sometimes a break is exactly what people need xxx


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