M.A.C & The Colour Orange

Hey lovelies!!
How are you all doing? Hope if you are from Ireland like myself you are enjoying the unnatural sunshine & HEAT!! Gorgeous isn't it?! Fingers crossed that it lasts for us Monday - Friday workers, my boyfriend is self employed so I was informed while slogging over a bank reconciliation that he had quit work at 2pm to head to the beach....hmmm!! haha! But it is ok, as I write this I am sitting soaking up the last few rays of sun before night time, what bliss!!

Anyways, slowly & surely I am going to try getting back into writing blog posts & reviews, apologies for the sporadic posts as of late, with work & exams I get crazy busy spells!
This post is a wee review on a MAC purchase I made of late - a few wee bits from their All About Orange Collection!

I got 2 lipsticks and 2 blushes (I know, I know! MORE blush I hear you say...but its ok, I am among fellow beauty junkies here!)

So, the lipsticks I got were "Sushi Kiss" and "Razzledazzler".
Both these lipsticks were the tamer of the oranges of the collection - I had purchased Sounds like Noise from the Hayley Williams collab (you can read my review of it here MAC & Hayley Williams ) so I wanted something a little less BAM! And these are just gorgeous lipsticks that will suit anyone.

Sushi Kiss is a peach coral-orange with a satin finish.
It is so creamy and applied smoothly. It is highly pigmented but for it to be fully opaque on your lips.

Razzledazzler is another coral lipstick but it has more a cool pink tone to it rather than the orange tones Sushi Kiss has. It too is so creamy, it is a dream to apply. Don't get me wrong, I love my matte lips but in the summer the last thing would want is dry & dehydrated lips - that is why these are the perfect summer shades!

The blushes I got were Honey Jasmine and Royal Sunset
The thing I love about these blushes are that they are true to pan and they as buildable as you would like them to be.

Honey Jasmine is a soft, warm coral blush (are you spotting a trend here - Yes, I am a SUCKER for coral!) and while it is described to have a satin finish the sheen is not overpowering.

Royal Sunset is a pink based peach blush that also has a satin finish.

So there you have it!
Enjoy the rest of the sunshine my lovelies & have a good weekend!

Sarah xx


  1. I bought Royal Sunset blush and 3 lipsticks; razzle dazzler, sweet and sour and flamingo! This collection was just amazing :D xx

    1. Loved the whole collection, lipsticks were so beautiful!! What was flamingo like to wear?xx

  2. Gorgeous collection, was so determined to get stuff but somehow i totally ignored it. Kinda raging now :)

  3. I am sure some will be released again in another collection- if the lippies haven't already! Check out the Tropical Taboo
    Collection ;) xx


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