Cocoa Brown's Tough stuff- does exactly what it says on the packet!

Hey lovelies!
I am so sorry it's been awhile since I had a wee blog post- things have been a little crazy at Casa de RaraGiggles!
I am doing a wee review on the new product which I was so kindly sent from the amazing folk at Cocoa Brown  - Tough Stuff. 

Firstly, if you haven't heard about Cocoa Brown where have you been?! It's a brilliant line created by the gorgeous Marissa Carter - the crowning glory been the amazing tanning products. But they have released this awesome exfoliating scrub to use as a prep before tanning or to remove the stubborn old tan. We all know what it's like, a gorgeous all over fake tan glow only to look at the knees & elbows to see it looks well.. Far from pretty! This bad boy aims at reducing the chances of patchy tan jobs! 
The first thing you notice when you open the sachet is it's PINK!! I love it!! It has Cocoa Brown's signature all over it!

Then, the texture. Well, I expected what you get from all scrubs- rough stoney grit! This was so far removed from my expectations- the exfoliant is finely milled, so while being tough on dead dry skin it won't rip your elbows to shreds! Which is great for folk with sensitive skin like me (I have Psoriasis- nasty I know!) as you always have to be careful about products not being too severe!

And the smell? Well, it's just divine! It's a floral scent but not sickly sweet, I happily scrubbed away without being over powered by it!
There is a lot of product in one packet too, it would easily do 2 if not 3 showers!

So, there you have my wee review on Tough Stuff! You can get this in many good pharmacies, Penneys & world domination for Cocoa Brown & Marissa next?! 

Until next post lovelies, 
Take care

Sarah xx


  1. Another fan of this,it's such a lovely product

  2. Haha love that last pic of you!!!

  3. Love this stuff and love your review :D xxx

  4. Love this review, I don't think I'll use this because I'm crap with tan and only use it about twice a year but it's lovely to know that there's an accompanying product to go along with the tan for people who do use it.


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