Day #1 - September Beauty Blogging Challenge Begins!

Hey lovelies!
It's been awhile since I blogged due to exams & studies & for that I am really sorry! Thank you so much for sticking with me & my little blog!
So, I figured no better way to get stuck back into blogging than taking part in Girl Friday's September Beauty Blog Challenge! Check out the information HERE

Today's tag was why are you taking part in #SBBC & what do you hope to gain from taking part.
For me, the one driving factor for me was the real encouragement there is between fellow bloggers in a challenge like this! There are so many other brilliant beauty bloggers  doing it also so there is an amazing support network & Ann Marie has put so much work into the challenge that I am so excited about taking part!
What I hope to get from this is getting into the habit of regular blogging. I have been a very sporadic blogger & I think (hope!) this will really get me out of that rut.

Currently I am on holidays in Lanzarote with the boyfriend (and HOPING there is WiFi at the appartment so I can post these blog posts!) BUT I have my daily posts all ready to go!
I really hope you enjoy my posts this month & if you are on Twitter make sure to check out #SBBC & you will see all the other beauty bloggers taking part & check out their posts - BRILLIANT bunch of ladies they are!

I just want to take this chance to say a HUGE thank you to GirlFriday for organising this challenge - she really has put her heart & soul into it & is just a wee star!

Anyways, drop by for tomorrow's post!

Take care lovelies!
Sarah xx


  1. Hope you're having a fab holiday, Sarah! Looking forward to reading your posts xx

  2. You're so prepared, having them all ready to go! I'm very jealous. Looking forward to reading them! Hope you're having a nice holiday! :)

  3. Looking forward to reading all your posts lovely! x

  4. Yeah! Can’t wait to see all your posts! Hope your holiday is going great!

  5. Can't wait to read all your posts lovely:) And enjoy the holliers!

  6. Thanks ladies :) am looking forward to sharing the #SBBC experience with you all xx


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