#SBBC 17 - my day in pictures

Hey my lovely readers :)
A quick post for today's tag of #sbbc - my day in photos. It was a usual work day for me..

Woke up, slept in a little so was a speedy get ready!!

I had to collect piano exam books for my two wee students so popped into the pharmacy beside the music shop (be rude not to!) & picked up this wee beauty!

Revlon Colourburst Lipgloss in Adorned-

Then, when I got home I had my eBay parcel waiting for me- new BB cream as I am running low & this cute cheek colour The Makeup monster had been talking about, so so cute!!

Now, off to bed. Taking my zinc supplement to help with my hair's conditioning & growth, currently using Holland & Barrets version as it's a little cheaper than Perfectil, and works amazingly! My hair has gotten real long (by my standards!) lately!

Night night my lovelies :)
Take care, until tomorrow!

Sarah xx


  1. Oh my goodness,what is that cheek colour? Looks to have the same colours as a Sephora bronzer I loved that got discontinued.

  2. The first picture is too cute!

  3. The lipgloss looks gorgeous on you, and I love the little kitty compact, so cute & really wearable too! x


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