#SBBC Day 10 - Beauty Pet Peeves

Hey folks!
So today I am blogging about my little peeves of the beauty variety... We all have those things that niggle at us!
These are mine:

1. Products only being released in certain countries. 
Ok, so I know shipping can be a nightmare but there is nothing worse than seeing an amazing product & thinking "add to cart" only to discover that it "only ships in the US" - and I know a few US bloggers that have the same problem with European products. What's the deal?! If we are willing to pay the shipping we should have the option to buy!

2. Over plucked brows.. Or badly drawn on brows!
Over-plucked eyebrows are a common beauty blunder and a big no-no for me..nothing worse than seeing someone with balding brows! They are thin and barely noticeable, and your face looks incomplete as brows frame your face! 

And at the same time, even worse again is the "sharpie" brow look- when it is SO obvious the person got a marker to their eyebrows.. It needs to look NATURAL!

3. Visible foundation lines..
Yup.. when someone applies foundation that stops at the jawline, and you can visibly see that there is nothing on the neck! I think it's even a bigger peeve to me than wearing the wrong shade as it can be hard to find the right one to match your skin tone but it's not hard to make sure you have the foundation blended and applied slightly down your neck!

4. Over use of the mascara wand
The spider eye effect? We can all get a dodge mascara from time to time but you can spot the reoccurring offenders with the clumpy lashes 24 7.. Easy on your lashes ladies, they don't need triple coating of gunk!

So there you have my beauty pet peeves... What are yours?!

Until tomorrow lovelies!
Take care
Sarah xx


  1. Oh #2 for sure! Eyeliner abuse is up there in my book too.

  2. LOVE the eyebrow one, can’t stop laughing at them!!!

  3. Those eyebrow photos are so creepy! ha ha ha!

  4. The eyebrows one!! Definitely!! I don't get it, I don't get the massive black square eyebrow trend or the drawn on skinny lines, both look so weird! Also agree with companies not shipping, it's silly, I buy other stuff from the US no problem at all so why can't all companies do it?! xx

  5. Tattooed eyebrows, you know... black, almost blue ones similar to the Nike sign :). Oh and patchy, dirty fake tan. Looks like you were in a dirt fight and barely make it alive.


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