#SBBC Day 11 - how I got my blog name :)

Hey lovelies! 
Hope your week is going well- Happy Hump Day :)
So, today's #SBBC post is how I got my blog name- RaraGiggles!

well.. My blog name is simply a cross between 2 of my nicknames!
Rara was a pet name my aunt (who I have to admit is quite hip & cool, she is young(ish!)) gave me when I was little (Sarah- Rara.. Kind of see where she was going but it stuck!)
Giggles was a nickname I got when I was in college.. I got many nicknames in college (Mike Lowry being my personal favourite!) but this one was given to me by a very good mate, so I wanted to use it in my blog name!
Then, I guess the wee tag line under my blog name sums me up - giggles & glitter!

So, there you have a wee lowdown on how my blog name came about! How about your blog name? I love reading the little stories behind the name!
Please share!

Until tomorrow, take care peeps!
Sarah xx


  1. Aww this was such a sweet post, I think the name sums you up perfectly! Mine is boring :/ x

    1. I don't think your name is boring at all hun, miss green eyes is a beautiful name :) xx

  2. Definitely agree your name suits you perfectly!!!

  3. Um cute! I love when blog names have a meaning! Mine is Squidgy Moments, my boyfriend calls me Squidge and my blog catches all of the wonderful moments in my life so.... 'Squidgy Moments' :)

    www.squidgymoments.ie xx

  4. Perfect name for you missus, always sounds so cheerful & fun! :) x


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