#SBBC Day 12 - Life Advice

Hey my lovely readers :)

Day 12 & today's #SBBC post is what life advice I would give a younger family member... but I saw this video on YouTube & when I read the tag for today I remembered it & how it really had an impact on me, stuck in my head so I am going to veer off the path a little today, sorry!

So, you may remember when this video was circulating back in May 2011.

It really raised awareness of melanoma for me and to the danger of the sun.

Last year my gran was diagnosed with cancer, cervical and it had spread to her lung & lymph node.
She has been undergoing chemo since, and while she has been doing so well it has made me realise how precious life is.
So... the key pieces of advice I would give a younger person, even for myself for my own life would be:

  • Don't hold grudges, the only person that it will negatively effect is you
  • Take care of your health, its the most valuable thing you will ever have
  • Don't be afraid to take a chance...and don't be afraid to fail, cracks allow more light to shine through!
  • Stay true to yourself, and never feel the need to create yourself into the way people EXPECT you to be.
  • Laugh and laugh often! Its good medicine for the soul!
  • Be generous to others, kindness is the most important quality a human can possess
  • Expand your horizons, learn new skills, try new things
  • Pay attention to your self-esteem and try and avoid the haters, no one needs them in their life
  • Always listen to both sides of every story
  • Never loose touch with the inner child inside!
and most important of all

So, there is my life advice! 
Thanks for reading, night all

Sarah xx


  1. http://youtu.be/_4jgUcxMezM

    Sorry all!! Just realised the YouTube link didn't work for the video! Here it is!

  2. Brilliant post Sarah, great video and great advice. I'm glad to hear that your Granny is doing well, I hope she has a smooth recovery xxx

  3. Another one should be 'dont be afraid of what other people think, just follow your own way'. Thats my motto, when ill be old and grey at least i will know that i've done it my way :).


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