#SBBC Day 13 - crafty time!!

Well hello my lovelies!!
Hope you all had a quiet Friday 13th ;) 
Sorry this is a day late but as I am writing this blog post for Day 13 of #SBBC I am currently loading in the hot lemon & honey, my voice is gone! Lucky for my folks for some peace & quiet! ;)
So today's tag is a craft project- it could be one I have done already or one I would like to undertake... I am going to blog about one I would like to undertake!

I am always on the look out for cheap & cheerful ways of storing my makeup.. I was not thinking when I designed the layout of my room & instead of a vanity table to keep stuff have a study table.. That I don't study at anyway as the lighting is too bad (duuuh Sarah!) so storage for me is a little all over the place.
However, I spotted this over on an Interior Design site dedicated to DIY projects & this was cute & quirky!

A simple cupcake holder would do the same job as this, so I am thinking of hitting IKEA some Saturday & putting my craft cap & eyes on to get something similar to this!

Also, for palette storage I think THIS is a brilliant idea....

I spotted this over on Kandee Johnston's Blog - a plain old dish rack is a GREAT palette holder! 

So, I have these down on my to-do list...once I organise my z-palettes!!

Thanks for reading lovelies,
Sarah xx


  1. That palette storage is a fantastic idea! If you're going to Ikea, check out the Helmer- I got it for my make up and it doesn't take up much room, plus it's only 30 quid! x


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