#SBBC Day 15- Beauty Things I suck at

Hey lovelies!! 
Sorry am a little behind, been under the weather recently but am on the mend!
So today's tag is beauty things I suck at.. I suppose it's things I suck at the most ;) 

1. False eyelashes 
I don't know WHAT it is with falsies but I can never seem to get the hang of them! 

2. Cat-eyes:
I can usually get one of my eyes looking perfectly feline but when I try to do the other.. It ends up looking wonky!!

3. Doing new styles with my hair.. Or doing styles, period!
I think there is some gene that I missed that I can just about manage a bun.. Even my plaits suck!  

4. Cleaning my brushes
Emm.. Yeah.. We shall not mention this one, but you get the picture!

So there are the things I suck at.. I think the liner & hair are things I need to practise, and maybe I need to be a little less lady when it comes to the brush washing!

Thanks for reading lovelies, until the next post :)

Sarah xx


  1. I know what you mean about the hair. It's either down, or in a ponytail. I have no other ways of wearing it.


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