#SBBC Day 18 - my 10 Desert Island Items

Hey lovelies!
Sorry I got a little behind there, I should have had my posts done beforehand but college started back & work was mental.. But am be prepared for a few posts over the next few days!
Ok, so Day 18's tag is what 10 items would you have if you were stuck on a desert island.. This can be a tough one for a hoarder like me! But here are my 10 items:
1. My ZPalette
Firstly, I think these are one of the best inventions! I would have to have mine with me as it's full of brilliant Makeup Geek shadows, with colours across the spectrum so I would ln't be stuck!
Makeup Geek shadows are the same quality as MAC but only at a fraction of the price.

2. Benefit's They're Real Mascara
Some people are not fans of this mascara but personally I LOVE it. It lengthens my lashes & doesn't clump or give me the spider-eye effect.

3. My Real Techniques Expert face brush
Before I got this brush I used a stippling brush when applying my BB Cream or foundation, but once I got this it fast became my favourite.
I helps create a flawless face with no streak marks or blotchy-ness

4. skin79 BB Cream
I tried this amazing Korean BB cream after winning a competition ran by the lovely Makeup Monster - and I know she too is a huge fan of this stuff! I have the little mini tubes in a few different types but if I was stuck on a desert island I would be prepared with a jumbo sized tube of the best one for my skin.. Which I still can't decide yet, they all are brilliant!
This would do instead of foundation as foundation would probably melt off my skin in the heat!

5. Revlon Lip Butters
Slightly cheating here as I would bring a few different colour of butters here (& only count as one!) but these would be best for the hot weather as they are moisturising so no cracked lips! I would bring these 4:

6. Urban Decay 24 7 liner in Whiskey
Black liner can sometimes be a little harsh for some looks so if I was bringing only one liner it would be this amazing dark brown, not as full on as black but just gorgeous

7. Nivea Soft cream
As I have possibly the worst driest skin I would need my trusty jumbo sized tub of Nivea soft- this stuff smells gorgeous & isn't oily so can be used on body & on your face. Also, the limited edition designed packaging by Giles Deacon is so pretty- check out my post on how to enter a little competion being run by Nivea!

8. Benefit's Sunbeam
My favorite highlighter, it makes your skin glow like no other illuminating product I have used

9. Too Faced's Shadow insurance 
As I don't need a primer for my face with the BB cream, I need a primer for the shadow though & this stuff is amazing! 

10. Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts wash & mask
This wash & mask combined would be a great skincare bring as the wash isn't drying & if you leave it on, it doubles as a deep cleansing mask!

So that's my 10 desert island items!
Would would YOU bring?

Until tomorrow, take care lovelies 
Sarah xx


  1. I defo share your love of They're Real I love it

    1. Some people love it, some don't get the hype but works wonders for my lashes :) x

  2. I love the expert face brush so much!

  3. I love the makeupgeek channel, I've never thought about buying some of her products, I must check them out, xxx

    1. There is some brilliant quality products from her line! I want to try the pigments next!xx


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