#SBBC Day 19 - Quotes I love

Hey my lovelies!
Ok, so I am writing this post from my bed.. Woke up very early this morning with a raging tummy bug :( so off work but going to be blogger productive & catch up on my #SBBC posts!
Today's tags where either a storage post, which I have already done, OR what would you spend on yourself if you had €250.. Something which I don't think I could answer, what with boring bills & loans at the back of my mind! So, I am borrowing a tag from another day - quotes I love!
If you know me, or are friends with me ok Facebook or follow me on Twitter you will know I am a HUGE quote collector, I adore quotes & sharing them!
Here are a few of my favourites:

And one of my favourite quotes of all: 

If you want to see some more awesome quotes check out Girl Friday's post for the #SBBC post today! 

Until later lovelies!
Sarah xx