#SBBC Day 23 - my Shopping Habits!

Hello again my lovelies!
Sorry about the surge of posts you may be faced with today.. I set myself the challenge to post 30 posts in September & by Jove I am going to try sticking with it!
So Day 23's tag was shopping habits. I can openly admit to being a total online shopper. I am from Cavan as many of you may know & as there is very few places in An Cabhain that sell cosmetics & usually browse THESE 2 stores for my spending sprees when it comes to all things pretty

They are both Irish companies that stock a wide array of makeup, skin care, nail polish & much more!
Also, the service they both offer are second to none!

I am also a big eBay fan when it comes to buying jewllery or things like Korean BB cream that can't be got anywhere in stores at home!
And of course we have the fabulous Button & Bow Factory for quirky statement necklaces that I have WAY too many of!
So, that's my shopping habits! How about you, are you an onliner & if so, where do you find yourself filling your virtual basket?!
Take care lovelies

Sarah xx


  1. You can't beat a bit of online shopping and now that's there's a Boots online I never have to leave the house again:) :)

    1. I actually haven't used Boots online yet would you believe?! Thanks for the comment lady xx

  2. Ebay is fab for jewelry. Always find such cheaper versions of Topshop necklaces and bracelets.x lashingsofmascaraon.blogspot.ie

    1. that's what I love looking for! Trying to find the bling for a little less... to be honest I don't save the money I don't spend...just end up buying makeup!


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