#SBBC DAY 3 - A sentimental item

Heya again lovelies! Hola & greetings from Lanzarote!

This is one of the views just down from the wee villa..

Yup, heaven!

So today's tag is talking about a sentimental item.
One of my most valued possessions is this dress my Gran gave me last year

There is a story behind this dress! Not only is it VERY old (and I LOVE vintage!) butt it's the very dress my Gran wore the day my Granddad proposed to her!
So, the day she gave it to me & it fitted (at a squeeze!! Boy, her waist was TINY!) I was on Cloud 9, feeling like a right Rockabilly Princess!

 But the best feeling was seeing her face when she saw me wearing it Christmas Day :)

So there you have my post of the day, 
Take care my lovelies

Sarah xx


  1. You look great in the dress. Amazing how well its kept after all these years. What a lovely post.

    1. Thanks Megan :) I know, I was so surprised it wasn't damaged by moths or anything!

  2. That's so lovely! The dress looks fantastic on you! Xx

    1. Thanks Chloe :) it's a beautiful dress, the quality must have been something else! Xx

  3. Well this made me cry for no other reason apart from the fact that I'm a total sentimental fool, that is so beyond sweet. I love that it has lasted so well after all these years and it must be so lovely for her to see her beautiful granddaughter wearing something so special. Hope you are having a fab holiday x

  4. The smile on her face when she saw me wearing it was just the best feeling! I couldn't believe it fitted! Thanks hun :) xx

  5. What a lovely sentiment behind the dress! It's such a beautiful dress and what a lovely picture of your and your gran x A definite treasured memory!


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