#SBBC Day 6- Travel Dreams

Hey my lovelies!!
Today's tag is kinda appropriate as this post is coming to you all the way from Lanzarote!! Having an amazing holiday with himself, was much needed after that nasty exam!

So, I have complied a list of my "Places to visit" list.. It's a long one, but I do love travelling!
1. Thailand - purely because one of my best mates went there last summer & the stories she told of elephant rides through the forest, trips down rivers on house boats, visiting the local markets where a tailor will hand make you a dress.. It just sounds amazing!!

2. US of A - I am not fussy as to which states.. While there you may as well see most if it right?! From California beaches, Disneyworld near Florida..shopping in NYC, visiting the White House - ALL the sites!!

3. India - ever since I can remember I have wanted to travel around India.. The scents, sights - it really must be something else! While there I would LOVE to be present for the Holi festival - the one where they throw multi coloured paint as a Hindu celebration!

4. Brazil - I have a love for the Latino culture, helped by the fact that my uncle is married to a Honduran lady! But, Brazil at a Mardi Gras festival? It looks like one amazing party!!

5. Africa - I have previously done some charity work in Romania which ignited in me a love for doing something selfless not for praise but for the greater good. So, since that I have been really yearning to go to Africa & work with children- a dream I plan to follow up on when I am qualified!

So, there you have some of my travelling dreams amigos! 
What about you? Where would you love to travel? And why?!

Until tomorrow, 
Love & hugs 
Sarah xx


  1. You will love USA!! It’s so fab and vast. Not too sure I’d like to visit India-heard mixed reviews but I suppose it’s better to try it for yourself!

    1. I think India is a country you need to immerse yourself into to get the full experience.. Live as a local for awhile! That's why I love Romania, I lived among the locals, went to the local bars, you know?xx

  2. I love how all your places are so bright and colourful! I'm attracted to the cold, Norway, Lapland, etc :)x

    1. Lapland would be awesome at Christmas.. And now that you mention it.. I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights..
      But might tick these off the list first! :) I love colour & buzz!!xx

  3. I would love to take 6 months off, from spring to autumn and travel in a caravan everywhere in Europe. No fuss, minimum packing to make room for souvenir shopping and i could happily live on cheese and tomatoes :). One day...


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