#SBBC Day 7 - A fantasy dinner party

Day #7 Fantasy dinner party 

Hola my lovelies! Today is my last day on my holidays in Lanzarote
*sad face* we are flying home late tonight :(

Today's tag is a fantasy dinner party - who I would invite, what dishes I would have, and, where I would have it!
Invites: If I could invite anyone it would have to be the following:
1. Ryan Gosling - for obvious reasons... He would be the eye candy ;)

2. Xsparkage - she was one of the first Youtuber makeup addicts I started to watch religiously so I would love to bounce ideas off her.. Also, she seems like so much fun!

3. Jeremy Renner- same reasons as above for Ryan!

4. The Muppets - I always have & always will LOVE the Muppets so would be amazing to have them at my dinner party! They are hilarious so would be the entertainment!

5. Each & every one of you followers of my wee blog, cos without ye there would be no #SBBC Fantasy Dinner Party - love you all :) 

Location: in the middle of a Sephora store... Merely cos they have EVERYTHING beauty brands related! We could swatch over dessert?!  

Decor: for me it would have to be a rainbow covered area-  I drawn to all things multi coloured!

So, that's how my fantasy dinner party would roll.. Would you come?!


  1. Haha damn right I'd come to it, brilliant! I wish I'd thought of somewhere fun like Sephora :) x Please bring the sun home with you, I think we scared it away again here :( xx


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