#SBBC Day 8 - Maintaining healthy hair

Hey my lovelies :)
Am blogging to you again from little old Cavan! 
All good things must come to an end :( and I was starting to run out of Jungle Fever to keep the Mosquitos at bay!
So today's post is about trying to keep your hair healthy. There are a few things I would suggest:
1. Aussie Three Minute Miracle - a girl should always have a hair mask in her bathroom & this stuff is just amazing! I am just home from Lanzarote when it was nearing 30 degrees & my hair was a little fried, used this Saturday & Sunday - amazing how it is already restoring my hair from roots to tips! Also smells amazing!!

2. L'oréal Nutri-Sleek shampoo & conditioner - this magic shampoo contains Argan oil that works wonders for dry rebellious hair! It is a non-greasy formula that can tame my unruly frizz (my sister was blessed with pure ringlet curls..myself, not so lucky!)
The only negative thing I can say about this is that for the price the bottles are quite small, but beats any expensive salon shampoo that claims to do the same job!

3. Perfectil hair & nail supplements - all the vitamins & nutrients you will need for your hair in tablet form! Real quick boost to the hair!

4. Revlon Equave Phase 2 leave in conditioner - this works a treat for hydrating your hair. It also smells divine! 

So that's a few of my wee ways of maintaining healthy hair! 
Would love to hear your tips!

Until tomorrow lovelies,
Take care 
Sarah xx


  1. Ahh I've completely forgotten about Revlon equave, I used to go through bottles of it! It's brilliant stuff. Also love the three minute miracle x

  2. Love the smell of both of those products, my hair drinks the l'oreal!xx

  3. Ah snap on the three minute miracle!!!

  4. I used to love Revlon Equave as well, must get some! Any idea of stockists?

  5. I love the Aussie Hair Masks, really conditioning and very good value x


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