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Hey my lovelies!! 
First up I want to say a HUGE thank you to my amazing beauty blogger mates who offered to help me keep my blog on its feet during a tough spell by doing guest posts! I am so so touched by this, words can't describe how much the help means! First blog post up is Girl Friday's review of a new Benefit product - I would LOVE if you go check out her awesome blog STRAIGHT AFTER reading this brilliant post, she is an amazing blogger!! CHECK IT OUT HERE!!!!
Thanks a million to the lovely Sarah for allowing me to do my first ever blog post on her wonderful blog. I love this little ray of sunshine on the Internet so I feel so blessed to be allowed to contribute a little to it. 
On Friday 18th October I was one of the lucky bloggers who got a guided tour of the new Benefit Boutique. We were given a very lovely goody bag at the end of the event and mine contained the wonder new body oil mist - Bathina. This product is being released on 26th October so I was so lucky to have it in advance and I have fallen in love.
Bathina Benefit body oil maybe baby scent
The packaging of this product is just lovely. It has the lovely retro style retro vintage pin up girl look that we have come to expect from Benefit. For anyone who is into Dita von Teese or similar this is a must have! The cardboard outer is very simple and classic with a really funky accordion type folding top. It just looks stunning sitting on any dressing table.
Bathina body oil mist Benefit Maybe Baby scent Christmas 2013
The inner packaging is just as lovely as the body oil is contained in this beautiful pink glass bottle with a lovely pink metallic cap. It has a lovely weight to it and the style of it is just really elegant in my opinion.
The oil itself is lovely. The scent is the Bathina/Maybe Baby scent. It has notes of apricot, white ginger, fresh water blossoms of cyclamen, lychee, bergamot, white musk, Himalayan poppy and warm peach. It’s a delicate floral scent and is the type of smell that appeals to all ages so this would do as a gift for everyone from nieces/younger sisters, up to your mum or granny.
Body Oil Mist is actually a super fine body oil mist that absorbs easily and isn’t greasy in the least. It has a base of sweet almond, olive, and avocado oil to keep skin moisturised and super soft but not greasy or oily. It's almost a dry oil as it sprays so finely that it absorbs into your skin with just a quick rub. They say it's suitable for using for massage but I don't think I'd agree with that as I feel you would need to stop and spray more on a regular basis and the smell might be a bit too much at that point. I also feel that this is more like a 'finishing' spray for after you have moisturised your skin if it is at all on the dry side as it is so fine it won't really add too much moisture to your skin. When sprayed on the skin this body oil mist leaves a lovely sheen without looking greasy; instead just an almost healthy look.
Overall I feel Benefit are onto a real winner with this, particularly as in December some of us will be exchanging gifts! ;) As I said, Bathina body oil mist is available from 26th October. It will set you back €38.


  1. It looks so pretty looking, can't wait to try this out after my disappointment with Benefit's Rockateur! Great guest post Girlfriday x Sending *hugs* your way Sarah x

  2. This looks lovely, love the Bathina tin of balm so this looks like my cup of tea for sure!

  3. Adore body oils! Will give this a sniff when I can :)


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