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Hey my lovelies! Another guest post on the blog tonight this one is a review about another awesome Benefit product by the sweetie that is Blathin! She has a brilliant blog - which you NEED to check out HERE !!!
Thanks so much to all my guest bloggers, you have helped me out so much!!
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Benefit High Beam – An oldie but a goodie
First of all I’d like to thank Sarah for trusting me to do a post on her great blog even though I’m only a newbie so it’s a real honour to be able to contribute!  
Benefit High Beam is a must have of mine and my highlighter of choice. This highlighter has been a cult classic for a long time and while there have been many great highlighters launched since its arrival; I always come back to it. It’s excellent, reliable and a great staple to have in your make up bag, the make-up equivalent of a little black dress if you will!

High beam is a liquid highlighter that comes in a small bottle. The cap features a brush applicator making the whole effect like a nail polish and very cute. To apply I use the brush to dot two or three tiny dots on the areas I want to highlight and pat with my ring finger until completely blended, although some prefer to use a brush. This is always the last make up I apply aside from my mascara and I usually highlight one area at a time as the product dries very quickly and is hard to blend once dry.
As a highlighter you can use this on all the usual areas you want to highlight like the cheek bones, brow bone, nose, chin, you can also dab a tiny amount on your cupids bow to make your lips appear fuller.  Alternatively you can mix a small amount of High Beam with your foundation to provide a subtle illumination giving your complexion a boost of radiance, great on days where your skin is a little dull.

Overall this is a beautiful product that is very subtle and flattering and pretty hard to go wrong with.  Benefit also offers two other liquid highlighters, Moonbeam which is a yellow-toned version of the pinky-pearly High beam and Sun Beam which is a golden bronze highlighter, but Benefit is perfect for my skin tone.

It isn’t the cheapest at €27.50 but it lasts forever seriously! So if you love it as so many do then it’s good value for money.

What are your thoughts on High Beam?


  1. I've never actually tried this before, but I've heard so many good thing. I must give it whirl sometime :) x
    Heroine In Heels


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