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Hey lovelies!! My next awesome Guest Blogger is Chloe aka NurseFancyPants! Check out the brilliant post she did on lipsticks (girl after my own heart!)
AND if you haven't already check out her own blog over HERE - you will LOVE it!!

Hi everyone! I'm delighted to be writing to you from the lovely Sarah's blog today about one of my favourite topics; lipstick! I love a statement red lip and this time of year it feels almost wrong to leave the house without a scarlet pout of some variety. I am the sort of person who wears red lipstick all year round but this time of year I tend to focus on particular shades. You may be thinking "how many red lipsticks does one person need?" and the answer to that is of course, several but below are my top three for the colder weather.

Kate Moss for Rimmel in 01
This is a medium toned cherry red that suits a lot of skin tones. For me, I think there's enough blue in there that it compliments my pasty face well and makes my teeth look whiter. Because it's quite a classic red, it looks just as well dressed up at night time as it does casually for day time and I think it's one of those reds that everyone should own. It's described as a matte finish but for me, it's more satin. It doesn't dry out my lips and has a nice comforting formula. Having said that, wear time isn't great with this but that's equally true of the Dior too, good preparation (lip scrub, lip balm, lip liner) is a must to guarantee longevity with your reds.

Dior Marilyn.
Himself bought me this along with the matching nail polish last Christmas and I've found myself reaching for it time and again since. The formula of this is incredible; creamy and smooth so that application is a doddle, it doesn't pull on the lips but equally it doesn't slide about the place either. It's just..perfect. And let's just take a second to appreciate that packaging. Mmm-hmm, swoon worthy. This is a pink based red and probably the only one of its kind that I own. It's super pigmented and I feel like there's something very vintage about the shade, like I should be heading off to collect my ration stamps whenever I put it on. No? Just me? OK then, moving on...

YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 02, Rouge Poupre.
Now this, is a different beast altogether. No one does lipstick quite like YSL. This is my darker, vampy red and is perfect for those cold Winter nights. This is a satin formula with medium to full coverage, intense pigmentation and a long lasting formula. This doesn't apply as smoothly as the Dior but it makes up for that in it's longevity on the lips. If you're looking for a dark but wearable red, this is it. Again, props to YSL for their frankly, stunning packaging. Hubba hubba etc.

Those are my top three reds for Autumn/Winter. What makes the cut for you? 


  1. I’m lusting over all of these, especially the Dior. It looks amazing on Chloe’s lips!

  2. I love those Kate moss lipsticks, great quality for the price!

  3. The Rimmel one is gorgeous! I know what I'm getting as my next treat :)

  4. Great post! The Dior is fab! x

  5. Ohh the Dior is gorgeous! The packaging is so beautiful too :)

    Jess xo


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