Urban Decay's Shattered Face Palette

Hey my lovelies!
Hope you are all having a chilled or fun filled weekend! I found out Friday that I passed the exam I sat in August so I am a VERY happy blogger!!

But I am here to show you some new Urban Decay goodies I got this week - the Shattered Face Case, the Black Market 24 7 eyeliner set and the VICE 2 PALETTE!!!! They are so awesome they need their own posts so over the course of the week will be having a wee look at them!

Firstly I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Rebecca who works in Urban Decay in Debenhams in Henry Street - she hooked me up with these by letting me order via the internets, she was a complete GEM & so so helpful, will be going in to say hi next time I am in Dubland, you should try by too, good service is always sure to make a buy more enjoyable!

The first thing from my haul I am going to review is the Shattered Face Case. This is Urban Decay revamping their old school products - before I became hugely interested in makeup UD had Face Cases - twas their first palette ever? But this season they re-released them but in a funky new packaging!

This palette has all the goods you need to do a look - it has 5 eyeshadows, a Saturated Lip Pencil, an eyeliner and 2 blushers & a highlighter.
Little heads up before I begin - ALL the products inside this palette are exclusive to the palette!!

So, let's have a wee look at the packaging of the Face Case - firstly in keeping with its name the shattered glass effect is really edgy and funky! As per usual, UD is queen of the detail & effects when it comes to presentation! 

Inside, it is a two-tier palette, with all the eye essentials & a mirror on the top, and the face products on the bottom tier..with ANOTHER mirror (awesome!) - the Saturated Lip Pencil sits perfectly at the back of the palette, on both tier levels.

So, let' have a look at the goods!
For your eyes:
  • Nameless - medium grey/brown satin shadow 
  • Remix - rich purple shimmer shadow with micro glitter) 
  • Shakedown - a rich brown gunmetal satin
  • Minor Sin - champagne pink satin
  • Bleach - yellow beige matte
  • Zero 24 7 Glide on eyeliner, travel sized - UD's lesser of the 2 black liners they have 

L-R: Nameless, Remix, Shakedown

Minor Sin & Bleach - great blending shades!

Zero - UD's original black liner

For le face:
  • Overexposed - a dusty rose blusher
  • Temper - a soft baby pink blusher
  • Glint - a soft pink champagne shimmer highlighter

Pucker up with the Full Size Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Lovechild, a cool baby pink cream colour

This palette is ALL kinds of win in my opinion. It is perfect for bringing on day trips or short weekends away!
The only MINOR downside to it is the Zero liner.. WHY oh WHY UD?! Give us Perversion!! Its SO much better! But, at the same time Zero is a pretty good standard liner.

So, if you like the look of this it will set you back €38 - a little steep I hear you say but when you do the maths this palette would be worth a LOT more. 
You can get your hands on this over in Debenhams, if you do pop in to Henry Street give the lovely Rebecca a huge hug from me ;)

Enjoy the weekend lovelies, be back soon with my next review!
Take care!


  1. I saw this a couple of weeks ago but choose the Vice 2 palette instead, but I may need to make a sneaky trip back after reading your review :) x

    1. I went a little mad & got both.. But I am going to be good now for the rest of the month... ;)

  2. Ah this looks deadly! €38 isn't bad at all if you like all the products included, all you need extra is foundation & powder really! I really like Remix :) x

    1. Isn't it a gorgeous colour?! I love my products for their convenience too so this is great for the mornings you are running late! Thanks for reading!
      P.S: you parcel went in the post yesterday!xx

  3. I really want to purchase this - I was at their stand yesterday and it looks lovely! the trouble is there are so many pretty things on their stand at the moment, I just didn't know what to buy first that I didn't buy anything!

    1. Too many pretty things can really make decisions tough! If you are a big eyemakeup person I would recommend Vice 2 as your buy! ;)

  4. This looks lovely! Really want to pick it up x

  5. I don't think that's steep at all for all of that! 38 is great value!

    1. to be fair, the quality of the stuff is brilliant! Didn't think I would like the blushers so much!!

  6. Love the colors!! €38 isn't bad at all! Well done on the exam btw :) xxx


  7. Great colours, love that it has everything. €38 is pretty good.

    1. one little thing I would like is a contour colour instead of a second blush but other than that top marks all round!! Thanks for reading :)

  8. This is the one I've had my eye on!! Swatches look great!

    1. I really need to work on the quality of my photos... or think ahead & take them in the daytime...!
      Thanks for reading lady :) its a great palette!!

  9. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award!!!
    All rules, plus my questions are over at http://beautywithbrushes.blogspot.ie/2013/10/i-been-nominated-for-liebster-award.html !
    Can't wait to see your post :) <3


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