Christmas Wishlist!

Hey my lovelies!
IT'S THE WEEKEND! Woo, at long last!! That was one long week!! And yesterday was Black Friday! So go, spill!! Have any of ye made any wee sneaky buys?!

So, this post is basically my beauty wishlist for December..a month were almost everything is all glitter & sparkley goodness but that I can't justify getting due to the fact my insurance is due 23rd December... and I have presents to buy... and also as I better start saving to go see my sister in February in Le Harve (*ehem* SEPHORA!!)

Anyways... on to the wishlist!!

First up, we have the new Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay... look at the rose goldness!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
I don't care how similar it is to the Original Naked palette really.. its rose gold & I ADORE!

**credit for this photo goes to Musings of a Muse

Next up on the wishlist is Essie's Encrusted Treasures collection...

Does anything more have to be said about these beauties? I really am loving the looks of the blue polish...and the black one.. And..

No.3 on the list is any of the the 3 gorgeous palettes from the Catrice Arts Collection.. I know some stands have them now but the 2 Catrice stands in Cavan are a little behind! 

A wee close up of the prettiness.. Just look! 
Also, while we are on the subject of Catrice.. Why does Ireland not get all the limited edition collections?! If you check the site there was a collection before the Arts Collection called Thrilling me Softly that I was SO excited about.. But nothing? Can anyone shed some light on this?! Or know a site that sells Catrice?! 
(Beauty blogger problems!)

Last but not least I am loving the sounds of The Body Shop's newest line the White Musk Smoky Rose. This to me just sounds DIVINE!! Perfect winter scent.. This is probably the one thing on my wishlist I am making my mission to get my hands on!

So there you have some things I have been spying lately! Anything caught your eye or what is on YOUR wishlist, do share!

Until next time,
Take care lovelies!


  1. The body shop scent is well worth getting! I adore it. The Body lotion is well scented too ;)

  2. I really want one of those Catrice sets but haven't seen them on any of the counters I stalk yet!!


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