Cocoa Brown's Newest Creation - CHOCOLATE WHIP!!

Hey my lovey peeps!
I know, 2 posts in the one day I hear you say!? Well, I was having some down time to myself and I figured instead of doing the homework for college that is sitting waiting on me... I would have a good auld blog! And I have some exciting reviews coming up the next few weeks!!

During the week I came from from a MEGA stressful day at work to be great by a PINK ENVELOPE - that's when I knew things just got real..I had been sent the new Cocoa Brown product that is CHOCOLATE WHIP by the lovely Stephanie. Well, you can be sure that put a smile on my face!!

So, let's get down to the simple science behind this wonder product (before we get talking about the real awesomeness that is the SCENT!)! Chocolate Whip is on Oil-Free, Vitamin E enriched moisturiser that has been specially designed with preping the skin before applying tanning products.
What is different to Chocolate Whip is that because it is oil-free is works perfectly with tanning agents that are water based (if you remember the basics of science - oil + water = BIG no-no!)  so this means that for starters - no dry patches and unsightly tan messes (don't you HATE it when tan gives away the dry patches?!) and a fake tan that will fade away evenly and slowly...almost as if you weren't wear a fake tan at all?!

Even more awesomeness to this product is the fact that it is kind to acne-prone skin, and I can profess to the fact dry skin will love it as I suffer from psoriasis and already my elbows are much happier from my weeks use of this baby!

The BEST thing about Chocolate Whip? It SMELLS AMAZING!!! It has a chocolately scent but its not that overpowering fake choc smell, with a gorgeous addition of the Cocoa Brown Tahitian Garden scent we have come to adore! I have been sniffing myself everytime I apply this, almost good enough to eat!

So there you have it! Chocolate Whip retails at €7.99 and can be now got at all good pharmacies that sell the Cocoa Brown brand!

Until next time peeps,


  1. CAn't wait to try this!! Sounds amazing x

  2. Hi Sarah, I wanted to send you a DM via Twitter, but for some reason I can't. I hope you don't mind me saying this, but your postal address is fully legible in the photo above, and it's not safe (across the Internet and all - a lot of creeps are out there). I'm sure you already know this and maybe have not noticed yourself, but I thought I'll write you a quick comment about it. Again, I really hope u don't mind me saying this.

    Andreea xx

    1. I actually never thought of that!! I don't mind at all, thank you for pointing that out.. such a dope!

  3. Love the photos Sarah! Is such a nice body lotion, love that it smells more of gardenia than chocolate x.


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