Mane 'n' Tail - the Colour Protect range

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Hope your weekend was a fun one, or a relaxing one! For me, I got some much need blog post writing done along with doing some blog reading from my fellow bloggers! Bliss :)

So, today I am looking at Mane n Tails answer to coloured hair needs. I was really kindly sent the Colour Protect shampoo & conditioner to try out & I have been using these for the past 2 week- I wanted to give it a fair try before I gave an opinion on it.

I have coloured my hair for as long as I care to remember & after a brief spell of various colours I have settled on the fact that browns with red hues are the best suited for me- but any of you fellow red hair dye lovers will know how incredibly difficult it is to stop your lovely locks going brassy! Cue, Colour Protect!

 I have used this for many washes now since getting my hair coloured at the start of October & can honestly say that this shampoo & conditioner has helped keep the red highlight hue in my hair looking fresh. 
The shampoo & conditioner repair hair damaged by colouring & bleaching & then helps maintain the vibrancy of the colour. We all know that roots will show & all that jazz but I am a firm believer in trying to stretch out a colour for as long as possible & these wonder products surely help with that. 
They are jam packed full of natural ingredients that moisturise the hair strands (really important for dried out gruaige girlies!) 

This brand has many people with luscious locks that swear by it - Jennifer Aniston being one & we know how gorgeous her hair is!!
I would definitely recommend this range for €8.95 for a large bottle that will last you loads of washes it comes up trumps when compared to expensive coloured hair care products!
Have you tried it yet? What were your opinions! Would love to hear your views!

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  1. My sister bought a set of these (the original, not colour protect) and I said I'd give it a go. Honestly, my hair never felt as healthy, and after only one wash! Totally agree its worth the price, I'm getting myself a couple of bottle as soon as I finish my Elvive! x


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