What's behind Door 3?!

Just in the nick of time I am posting Day 3 of the advent calendar series! 
I am trying to getting into some sort of fitness regime so was at circuits then study & next thing I realise oh I need to post before it's 12am!
So, without further a do..
Behind door 3 on the Ciate advent calendar..

It is the gorgeous vibrant orange shade "Hopscotch" - just a BRIGHT FUN polish! So, I did a little nail of the night along with yesterday's Boudoir red..

It's a funky autumn nail look and strangely, I think the two colours work!

Next.. On to the Benefit Calendar!

Benefit's "It's Potent" eye cream! I actually, to my utter shame, do not use eye cream so am excited to see what this will do! 

So, that's a quick look at day 3 of the advent calendars!
Thanks for reading!
Do share your daily thoughts of the goodies behind the doors!
Chat tomorrow!

Love & hugs..


  1. Ooh very exciting seeing what's behind the doors, you've got some great advent calenders!

  2. YOU HAVE TWO CALENDERS! I couldn't even get one! Lucky gal enjoy them :) xxx


  3. HOW AWESOME!!! That reminds me...I forgot to open mine today! AHH!!!


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