Campaign Bin the Wipes with Cleanse Off Mitt!!

Hey my lovelies!
How are you all doing?! Hope the first few days of 2014 weren't all that bad! 
I was back to work on Thursday, a way if breaking into routine again gently! ;)

So, this post will be to tell you about this amazing new product I was kindly sent by Cleanse Off Mitt, a new Irish wonder product & the creators campaign to BIN THE WIPES!!

The brains behind this wonder mitt is that is a more hygiene, kinder to skin & far more effective method to removing makeup than wipes (darn, if it's reusable it's cheaper too folk, think about it! No more dried up wipes in the packet!)

This lightweight, chemical free, hypoallergenic mitt works with just water & it's good self! Yep, you heard right!! No need for cleanser or any other fancy business!!
Well.. I had to put this to the test.. *enter red lipstick, mascara & Urban Decay Perversion liner (mighty hard to removed usually!)

Just like that!! All off with some lukewarm water & that's it! No panda eyes, no red lipstick stain residue left behind! Easy peasy!
So, not only do you save a small fortune on not buying wipes, cleansers & all that malarkey but this costs only €5 & lasts 3 months! All you need to do is wash it with some antibacterial soap after each use & once a week give it a gentle wash in the washing machine & let it dry & it is good to go!!
Want to join the revolutionary campaign to bin the wipes?
Get your Cleanse off Mitt HERE at

Have YOU tried it yet?
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Until next post,
Take care folks


  1. great post Sarah, I would really love to try this, wipes can be sooo hard on your skin!
    I'm a new Irish Beauty blogger too if you fancy a read of my blog!
    many thanks,

  2. I've ordered one and dying to see how it works. Don't use wipes but the end of the night is always a challenge to get heavy makeup off


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