Top Valentine's Day Collections!

Hey my lovelies!
How are your weeks going? I am just home from a really tough circuits... oh boy, I am going to be in AGONY tomorrow!!
So, this post is a wee look at a few Valentine's Day collections across some of the brands out there & I suppose, my wee wish list from them (not that himself would have a clue.. but could always treat myself!!)

So, first up we have Lush! I am ASHAMED to admit I have never been IN a Lush store (please, don't judge me!) but I have been gifted by some kind ladies (who know who they are!) some goodies, and I did pick up the Christmas lip scrub & balm on their website but I have seen the beauty that is their Valentine's Day collection & it is (pardon the pun) love at first sight! I doubt I will be near a Lush store before Valentine's Day but I think I may make a sneaky wee online purchase! Here are some of the top products on my list:

Prince Charming Shower Gel- £4.95 for 100g bottle. Made with marshmallow root, Fair Trade Vanilla & fresh pomegranate juice. Am adding a bottle of this to my cart for sure! 

Love Locket- £6.95 each. This bath bomb's outer shell has little paper confetti hearts that float through the (pink!) water as the bomb fizzes!!

The Kiss- £5.95 for a tub. This a moisturising balm that will give lips a pink sheen. 

Then we have The Body Shop's offering. They have a few collections ranging in price from €9.95 to €30 & will suit all preferences.
First up is their Chocolate & Strawberry Shower Gel Duo that comes in at €9.95. The Body Shop's shower gel is a non-drying, soap free formula that is kind to skin & in these gorgeous scents how could you go wrong?! Chocomania is enriched with cocoa butter (wonder worker for dry skin!) and Fruity Strawberry has strawberry seed oil.

Next is the Born Lippy Heart Tin at a mere €11.95 for 3 top notch lip balms that give a subtle hint of colour. And the tin is so cute!!

Then for those who need a little more moisture for their lips there is the Heart Lollipop Lip Butters. Three lip butters for €24. I can profess to the magic working power of the Body Shop's lip butter (my favourite is probably the Papaya. In this adoreable heart shaped set you get a fruity butter, a nutty butter and a chocolate lip butter. Cover all tastes, right? ;)

Finally, and probably the set that is my personal favourite, the Strawberry Selection Heart Tin at €29.95. In this set you get a body polish, a shower gel, a body butter AND a lip butter (I know, all for under €30? Crazy!)

Finally, Illamasqua are releasing a gorgeous collection in their nod at the Day of Lurrve.
The collection, called "I'm the One" included a nail polish, a lip liner, a lipstick and a lip gloss, all an intense red shade.

image is from the British Beauty Blogger's site HERE!

know I will be getting my hands on the gloss that is for sure...intrigued by the lip liner too... anyone reading ever try Illamasqua's lip liners?

So, what products are popping out at you? I am not big on the whole Valentine's Day craic as in my opinion you should spread the love everyday but I am a big fan of the pretty products!

Until next post,
Take care lovelies
Sarah xx


  1. Babe! I adore your blog soo much!! I'm your newest follower on Bloglovin' :-).. Hope you can follow back!



  2. Beautiful ideas! *_* <3 I love The Body Shop set!
    Your blog is amazing! :) I'm a new follower..
    I'd be happy to have a new follower like you! Hope you will check out my blog!

  3. Lovely have to get yourself into a lush store stat...they're fab!

  4. Lovely have to get yourself into a lush store stat...they're fab!


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